Sunday, January 2, 2011

The new journey for me- plans for less Facebook and more FACE

It’s time to start a new.  After 20+ years of dedicating myself to the business of music,  late nights at clubs, early mornings at the computer and having to slot in a real life between all the tours and work,  I finally have a moment to breathe and make my own choice.  I am scared shitless, and excited at the same time.  I want to spend the month of January 2011 doing some things that I have regularly put on the back burner for YEARS,  and need to do – this is my living Bucket List beginning-  and I really am looking forward to the adventure.   January 2011 is my month of being  ”irresponsible”  (kind of..) ,  and want to do some things that I have thought about for the YEARS and finally have the means and free time to do this. I made some basic rules for my self, starting with blogging to document my journey.  Each week ( or more ) I will be posting my journey to see in print the journey,  each day I will do something physical , for the body, and each day I will read, listen or view something new, for the mind and spirit,  and each day I will love- my family: by being there for them in what ever way they need me,  and my friends: being in touch with them personally- less Facebook and more FACE.
More inspirations coming soon…
Kathie Reed Merritt